1. To contribute to the best possible health and happy living, supported by technology, the initiators have drawn up this manifesto with action points to design and apply person-driven, sustainable eHealth applications

1. Focus on people

Put the focus on the individual - and what they need, expect and want - to assist them in enjoying the highest possible quality of life.

2. Do it together

We design and develop the future together. Engage citizens in drafting and answering social and other issues on health and sustainable healthcare, and in creating new interventions.

3. Prevention is better than...

Strive to achieve a population that is as healthy and happy as possible by helping and motivating citizens to achieve a healthy lifestyle. After all, prevention is better - and less expensive - than cure. Help citizens and care professionals to improve their health literacy.

4. Eco design

The effects of climate change and pollution on our health are unprecedented. This is attributable to human activity. Treat ‘our’ planet responsibly. An integrated vision on technology, healthcare and sustainability is needed.

5. Flip the model

Regulations, models, protocols and processes are the basic principles in the healthcare field, and not without reason. However, too many or too rigid rules and regulations have a paralysing effect.. Be inquisitive and show courage. Create space for promising initiatives, together with citizens.

6. Bring care closer to home

Organise care at home - if possible - with professional supervision at a distance, supported by accessible, sustainable technology. Providing appropriate care, at the right location and at the right price.

7. Technology is a tool

Technology is not the goal, but a means that contributes to support the best possible care. Every intervention requires innovation and creativity; but never lose sight of ethical and social considerations. Look for the ideal mix of digital and physical care.

8. What is good is good

Benefit from existing successful processes and completed pilots, test these, and implement them on a large scale, supported by the government and healthcare providers. Making mistakes in this process is inevitable; learn from these.

“But if we want to increase creativity - and who could be against that? - then we must also dare to pay the price and accept more mistakes.” -Robbert Dijkgraaf, 2021


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